Sunday, May 20, 2018


Last week Room8 went to volley ball.The coach name is Elenor.One hard thing to do was hitting the ball when it was windy.One more hard thing was doing also was passing the ball and team work.When we where hitting the ball it was hard when we where hitting the ball because and when passing the ball. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Iron up sports

In the morning Room 8 Room 6 went to the hall.Room 8 and Room 6 went the field to do Iron up sports.We had learnt how to run better and faster.We had to go in to groups. We had to see what kid in room 8.Six kids had to see one of the kids in Room 8.A boy and a girl.  

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


  Street’s around us
Tobruk:Tobruk is a Street. Tobruk was a war zone. A lot of soldiers died that  fought for their land . There is a book called Red Tobruk. The book is about a war.

Two Bridges

Room 8 went to view of the first Panmure Bridge.
That first Panmure Bridge was demolished.
Next to the Panmure Bridge was a yacht club.
The Panmure Bridge was also a swing bridge.
Hemi from Panmure.went to Pakuranga to plant vegatables in a field. There were some animals and plants in Pakuranga.Hemi went to Australia to sell his animals and his plant’s to get some money. 

One year ago there was a girl that ran across the 8 lane  highway. A car came and hit that girl that was on the highway.
Because that happend a foot bridge was made so people can get to university safely..
Next to the foot bridge were skyscraper’s.

Two week’s ago the  foot bridge collapsed. There were cars going past and people died under the highway.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Christmas party

I was happy when I got my nerf guns now I can play with my dad. Thanks santa for the presents.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

sugar by Rawiri

Did  you  know  that  if  you  eat  a lot  of  junk  of  food  you  will  get so  fat  you  will  die.Why  is  pasta  bad  for  you.Why  does  fruit  taste  sweet?.Did  you  know  that  coca  cola  has  10.6g  of  do  we  make  chips.How  does  food  make  you  grow.Why  do  we  went  sweet  food.How  do  you  addicted  to  vegetables.Why  is  fruit/vege  good  for  you.Why  do  they  make  chocolate.Sugar  per  100m  coca  cola  has  10.6g  and  up&go  has  7.7g  and  monster  has 10.1g  and  water  has  0g  and  fresh  up  has  10.3g  and  milk  has  4.9g.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Some people eat fruit and vegetables and when I think children eat healthy food to make us grow constantly
and then they eat more they grow more and vitamin d is good for our healthy bones I have learned that children eat healthy food to grow and vitamin d is good  for people healthy bones.